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Invitation from the Market Reader
Written by Den Somera   

If you have been trading in the stock market with true success a rarity, or has been wishing to but is kept from making your first trade, this invitation is for you.

Or, if you are like the beginner that I was before, who thought that to succeed in the stock market you must have the so-called  "Holy Grail,"  the mysterious trading system said to be out there just waiting to be found to make millions of money with little or no risk at all, this invitation is definitely for you, too.  

Join the "Market Reader Investment Club." 

Feature ArticlesDo enough, but only enough
16/03/2015 | Den Somera
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Do enough, but only enough By Den Somera, Market Rider Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Section February 24, 2015     The market made its 12th record close on Tu [ ... ]

Feature ArticlesCritical events to break 8,000
16/03/2015 | Den Somera
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Critical events to break 8,000 By Den Somera, Market Rider Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Section February 17, 2015   When I think of critical events that may have  [ ... ]

Feature ArticlesMarket trend
10/03/2015 | Den Somera
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Market trend By Den Somera, Market Rider Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Section February 10, 2015   The market was unstoppable: It broke into its 8th and 9th record [ ... ]

Feature ArticlesA way to pick stocks at record levels
08/03/2015 | Den Somera
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A way to pick stocks at record levelsBy Den Somera, Market RiderPhilippine Daily Inquirer, Business SectionFebruary 3, 2015 Choosing stocks to pick up in the market is always a difficult proposition.  [ ... ]

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Business and Economy HeadlinesBusiness group sets up own PPP Center
10/02/2011 | Money Topstories RSS Feed

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry has set up its own version of the Public-Private Partnership Center in a bid to help the government in its implementation of vario [ ... ]

Business and Economy HeadlinesLPG price slashed by P1/kg
10/02/2011 | Money Breakingnews RSS Feed

The price of cooking gas will go down by P1 per kilogram effective Thursday midnight as the international contract price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) continued its downward trend.

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